Giving back

Giving back

Since our little boy was born, I am sure as parents you can relate to worrying about our children’s future.  All the world problems are now in our minds and their future depends on us. I cannot help but wonder what their future will bring, and how I as a parent can make it better.

Stan and I have been blessed with our sweet son, and that brings us immense joy. Because of this, the joy we receive as parents seeing our child growing up in a loving environment, we want to ensure other parents can have this joy too. We now can, thanks to you, our guests, share our love for children while we give back to our community, the place where we now live and call home.

Firstly, the Rosewood Country Inn has designated a portion of the proceeds from all your bookings and events to a charity that is near and dear to our hearts. DonorsChoose is a charity that allows individuals to donate directly to public schools. For this, we select schools that are local to New Hampshire so we can help in our own backyard. We invite you to read more about it and their mission through Charity Navigator  ( and their own website   ( With each booking you make, we’ll donate a portion to a teacher in New Hamphsire so they can fulfill their dream of equipping their classroom with the necessary tools needed for their students, our future, to succeed.

Secondly, another part of bookings creates events for our local children during special dates. We now have an annual Easter Egg hunt for April and a Christmas workshop, all for smaller children. More events aimed at children are on the works and we usually announce them on Facebook or our monthly newsletter.

Keep visiting our page to hear about past and current projects that have been funded as a result of your  joining us at our lovely, historic home. This is what a night at the Rosewood can do

Our heartfelt thanks,

Odo, Stan, Karl and the Rosewood Country Inn staff