Welcome to The Rosewood Country Inn

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Welcome to the Rosewood Country Inn

This Inn, with a history spanning over 150 years, has seen everything from big parties to famous movie stars. People have come here on vacation for years, and it’s always been a popular destination. The Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, The Roaring 20’s, WW1, WW2, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War.

This inn has witnessed it all and who knows what it will see next!



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Planned Relaxation

Tell us what you like doing. Whether you are into outdoor activities, photography, antique shopping or are a die-hard foodie, we have something for you. Once we find out what you prefer, we’ll design a vacation stay to fit your desire with complete directions. We’ll lay out a vacation plan for you and all you have to do is follow it. Either select a hand-tailored option when booking your stay and we will contact you, or give us a call/send us an email after booking and we can get things going. Don’t miss out on seeing the natural beauty of the state of New Hampshire and all it has to offer.

The Inn's History

“Mr. & Mrs. Edward Messer opened their home in 1896 with 6 guests. Rates were $5.00-7.00 a week and references were required. As business increased buildings were enlarged and cottages were added. At one time as many as eighty-five guests could be accommodated. Entertainment was provided by a bowling alley, a dance hall, golf course, and a casino. In addition to the house, tents were provided on raised floorings set among shade trees.”

Researched and Written by the Bradford History and Bicentennial Committees

The Messer Family continued to operate the inn, then known as Pleasant View Farm, until 1956. In the early 1900’s, Jack London, Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Chaplin, the Gish Sisters (Lillian & Dorothy) and the Keebler family are among the famous personalities that walked through our doors and enjoyed a stay in the Inn. Check in dates are recorded in the registries and some of the older town’s folks remembered the events.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We at The Rosewood are committed to preserving our environment and our future. In 2016, we installed the first of two sets of solar panels, which account for 75% of our power consumption. By 2020, the second of the two sets of solar panels were installed. Combined, the two solar panels now account for 100% of our power consumption – with plenty to spare. Along with producing green electricity, we also reduced our power consumption overall by replacing all incandescent and fluorescent E26 and E12 bulbs with LED bulbs and installing the first sets of mini-splits on the first floor

Quiet, Tranquil, and Close

The Rosewood is less than an hour away from many popular destinations

“Odo and Stan, we are pleased to have the privilege of being your first guests… Your friendly, hospitable personalities will go a long way towards people feeling welcome and ‘at home’…. We think it’s great that you are courageous to follow your dream…”

Dean and Joan, PA

“Thanks for the wonderful stay, Stan & Odo! We loved sitting by the fire last night, eating cookies, sipping tea, and playing chess. Also enjoyed…”

Jeff & Charlene

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with Us

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